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  • How long do digital forensic investigations last?

    Answer is: As many cases are different, the time frame varies due to the amount and capacity of the storage device along with  processing times.
  • How do I know that the original device's data is the same after imaging?

    We always use write-protected devices during imaging processes. This eliminates the possibility of data contamination during imaging. To verify this, we also take hash values of the image to ensure that the hash matches the original device’s content. Hash is an algorithm that helps in verifying the device’s contents have not changed.
  • Does your employees travel for cases?

    Yes. We do travel for cases.
  • When should I contact your company for a digital forensic investigation?

    We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to allow for our digital forensic investigator to image the device. If a suspected device is placed into production before an investigation, there is a possibility of original information either being deleted or tampered with. 
  • Does your company do other types of digital forensics?

    Yes. We not only investigate computers, but we investigate smartphones, USB, audio, video, and networks.

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