• Free Forensic Opensource Tools

    With all the buzz surrounding digital forensics, it is exciting to see various products directly geared towards this specialized field. For novice learners who do not want to spend a lot of money for commercial products, there are opensource software that can pack the heat and deliver just enough product that can help one learn this ever-growing field. Listed below is a link to the top 20 forensic tools:Free Forensic Opensource Tools.

    As this list is comprehensive, there are many others that can be added. The following list is of additional opensource tools that can be added to one’s toolbox.

    Raptor Linux – Raptor Linux is a Ubuntu flavored Linux that is easy to use for imaging, duplicating, and wiping of media. This forensic operating system allows one to preview internal hard drives without having to disassemble the computer or laptop. It also write-protects(preventing media from being altered by allowing read-only) all attached media.
    OS Forensics – OS Forensics has a free limited version. It allows one to search within file contents using the Zoom search engine; search through email archives from Outlook, ThunderBird, Mozilla, and more. It also allows one to recover and search deleted files within the system. More information on the software can be viewed through the website.

    Although the free tools and two additional tools were added, there are many more opensource software out there. Feel free to comment below on any forensic software tools you may have used.